cooper engineering

<p>Hi there i really want to get into Cooper's engineering school because I know that its one of the top in the country. but i have some questions tho and i'd really appreciate it if you could answer them
i know that for arch and art, sat and gpa doesnt really matter; as long as your home test stands out then thats good enough. then what about engineering? what do they look at? what is the average gpa and sat to get in...
and about the essay. on the website they says it's the "Part II essay". what is that really? is that something like the home test when they will send you the assignment and you'll do it at home, or what is it.
finally I want to know what cooper engineering is looking for specifically. i've heard that they dont really care about extracurricular. Do they want diversity? Cause I'm international and have studied in the US my junior and senior year. If they want diversity then i'll focus on that. or do they want talent? or smart kids.
thank you so much in advance. i've been researching for a while and cooper is on the top of my list. everything about it sounds really good to me</p>

<p>SAT/SAT II and GPA matter a lot for engineering, as does your high school transcript. The essay is a list of 13 or so essay-style questions that you respond to. Some are fit for a response of 2 or 3 paragraphs, others require a list of things (ex. what classes did you take senior year). Afgter you submit the first part of the app, the questions will be available to you.</p>

<p>They do care about extracurriculars...basically all the stuff you spent your time on in HS is important to them. And diversity is a plus for any school in the US, but Cooper receives a lot of international apps so it may not help as much as you think. They basically hand pick the kids they see, from the applications, are most intelligent/talented/hardworking and have the most potential to succeed at a place like Cooper.</p>