Cooper Questionnaires?

<p>Hello, I am applying to the school of art as a freshman this year: )
I just submitted my part 1 application, expecting to receive the confirmation email with the Cooper Union questionnaires.
I heard that there are a few questions that applicants have to answer in a short paragraph or in the form of an essay, but the school web site and the confirmation email do not mention about this at all.
Does anyone knows how the questionnaires work? Are these still the part of the application?

<p>I'm applying to the engineering school so it might be different, but I got my questions (13 of them) via email almost the instant I paid that 65 dollars. Could be different for art but I think you should have received your questions.</p>

<p>For anyone reading this do you know how long each response is supposed to be? THERES NO LENGTH SPECIFICATION as far I can see.</p>

<p>Hi, I'm applying to Cooper Union too! For engineering though...
yes kevinkyukim, there's no length specification. However... I elaborated on all of the questions, and the total word count ended up at 2828.
it might be a bit too much, but i've already sent it in for ED.
Good luck with college apps!</p>