Cooper Union Art Class of 2022

Hi. This thread is for hopeful and admitted students for Cooper Union School of Art Class of 2022.

Has anyone who applied Early Decision / ED for Art heard back yet? Last year it looks like notices were later than expected.

I am reminding myself that odds are low for everyone, and that there are many paths to being a good artist. I’m trying to be patient and remain positive.

The home test makes you a better artist regardless, don’t you think?

Good luck to everyone!!!

We are supposed to get an emails back sometime after Monday, but do you know if anyone got responses yet ?

A friend of mine got a call telling him he was accepted. Apparently only 20 people were admitted ED

I just got deferred. Do u guys know how many people got deferred and how many got rejected?

I was also deferred. Does anyone know how many ED deferred applicants are accepted in the RD round ?

My daughter just found out Tuesday evening that she was accepted ED. She is very excited!!!

Hey, I haven’t gotten a reply yet. Though I know someone who got rejected and some who got deferred did anyone else not get a reply ?

Just created this account to comment on here haha. I applied ED as a transfer student and got deferred. Guess I’ll have to wait until April 1st. I know my chances are pretty slim as they accept really few transfers, but I’m hopeful!

damn I got deferred too and sounds like a lot of people got deferred here. does anybody know how many deferred applicants get in eventually? like are the chances better than the regular decision applicants?

I asked them about it and here’s their reply “Honestly, we don’t have statistics on that since it varies from year to year. I can tell you that students rolled over from ED to RD are very heavily considered in the RD review, and each year we tend to see some rollovers from ED admitted RD.” And I think there’s a lot that got deferred on this forum because we are the ones looking and commenting, trying to find answers. Those who got accepted or not accepted don’t have a reason to check on here.

I still haven’t received anything… getting a little anxious. Is today the last day for them to get back to you?

Does anyone know when we should expect RD notifications?

April 1st

do they call or send emails?

for all those “concerned” about acceptance to Cooper Art. DONT be. There are plenty of better opportunities out there
and more complete college experiences with better/and more extensive alumni networks.

I was kind of hoping they’d be contacting folks on Friday, since April 1 is a Sunday.

got my email today