Cooper Union Art RD

has anyone heard results back from CU? apparently in a new tweet, they said "Decision emails for all first-year applicants, as well as Art & Architecture transfer applicants, will go out between Monday, March 25th and Monday, April 1st. "
I am very scared (the name might give it away)
to whoever has also submitted a regular decision application please let me know if you hear anything back! Thank you

Keep me posted! My son is in the same boat!

My daughter is obsessively checking her email and I am leaping at my phone and checking my texts. We were both practically I’ll with anxiety last night. So, none of us are alone. We just don’t have access to many people to share the panic with.

at least we have each other :slight_smile:

apparently they are notifying art rd on Monday April 1st at 5pm et but that may change!

How did you get that piece of intelligence? Is it reliable? We may all melt down by next Monday at 5.

I was hoping to know by this weekend. My daughter is at a boarding school and is coming home for the weekend and I was hoping to celebrate or have some time to lick our wounds. If she doesn’t hear until Monday, we won’t see each other for a while.

I saw it in the instagram comments of the most recent post of cooper admissions page, they replied to a user asking about the art rd notification day and they replied “it’s looking like they will go out Monday, April 1st at 5pm EST.”

but who knows? last year the art notification day was the friday before april

Thanks, sounds legitimate. Of course, ours would be the last ones and not the first.

Did either of you take portfolios to be reviewed at a Portfolio Day?

no ^


@iamscared , what was that like? Who looked at it and what did they tell you? Did they offer suggestions or critiques? Was Cooper Union there?

My daughter went to two Portfolio events. Some were very exacting “few drop on rose petal” schools, most in fact. She did better with design schools than fine art schools.

dew drop

My daughter got all sorts of advice from different places. One school said her portfolio should be unified in a theme. She does painting, sculpture, and other 3D work. They wanted her to create pieces in each of her mediums using the same subject. She has not done this, although she has cleaned her portfolio up since then and had wood quality photos of her 3D pieces mounted. The Cooper Union guy didn’t put any of the pressure on her to rework her portfolio some of the other places did.

Good quality

I was accepted ED to Cooper and I went to one of the open house/portfolio reviews: the woman I had was very nice but basically had no suggestions other than that I should write a lot about my art-making process in the questionnaire. I think they try to give as little indication as possible about whether you will be accepted. However, I was with her for 45 minutes and I saw others leave in 15 so I don’t know if that was an indicator?

How were the RD hometest prompts?

Most of my work is abstract, Multimedia, however I do have studies and surrealist pieces etc. etc… at portfolio day I went straight to the cooper union table and had my stuff looked over, the guy was unimpressed but offered good critique, however I was a bit dejected since he did not seem to like me that much haha. I visited other schools and received a lot of praise, most of the critique was Unification (like your daughter) but other than that I received a lot of encouragement to apply to schools, including a small Paris school which I later got into(very happy). I would say cooper union expects the most from high school students, which makes it attractive because you will receive the most critique and probably grow the most from it

However that is just my opinion/experience