Cooper Union ED Art 2019

Just wondering how everyone felt about the hometest and thoughts on when they’ll get back to us…

The Disembodied one was hard…

Last year ED applicants start to hear back from the beginning of February, few more weeks to wait

That was my least favorite as well, definitely feel like it was my weakest piece. I hope that and my sort of sassy responses to the questionnaire won’t damage my chances… I love this school!
Do you know anyone who goes to Cooper?

I think we’ll start to hear back around, like, mid-late February… I actually had more issues on the “Buffer” topic than anything else… It was so vague and I got so many ideas for so many different directions…

I ended up liking the one I did for buffer best, but I agree. All the ones that I felt could go in many different directions with were the most difficult because started to second guess myself…
Was anyone else annoyed by how small our pieces had to be for the digital portfolio?

Yeah, definitely… I had my whole digital portfolio finished and completed until I read that they needed to be a whole lot smaller… I always thought bigger was better, haha, whoops

I was also surprised at how small the actual hometest pieces had to be. I was expecting to be a lot more stressed out than I was, but I was mostly calm and collected for the whole thing… That might be a bad omen for me though lol

I knowwww it’s kinda depressing that we’ve developed this idea that if we aren’t completely anxious and driven mad by what we’re making then it’s not good. But I feel like it’s somewhere on the border of being confident yet questioning yourself at the same time…

What did you do for the trivialities question in the questionnaire?


Congrats! I ended up not getting in, but it’s fine, hopefully my other options will accept me…

To be perfectly honest I don’t think it matters where you go, I think what you make of your experience matters most. I’m sure you will feel inspired and continue to create to the best of your abilities wherever you go. So good luck to you! Thank you for talking with me

No problem man, it was nice to talk to someone who understood lol, I wish you good luck for your future CU endeavors!!! Again, congrats, that’s awesome!

Let me know where you end up going! And thank you again

@wingedsnake Congrats! I was upright rejected oops

Like I said to yaboitiss^ I’m sure you’ll do well wherever you end up! Good luck!