Cooper Union ED Class of 2024

When are the ED for Cooper Union out? I know its too early to ask, but with the Ivy Leagues already coming out, it’s not looking good?

You should hear by next Friday, historically they have released before the holiday break.

Has anyone heard anything from Cooper?

I’m nervous, holding out for Cooper to send me their decision before submitting the rest of my RDs (app fees ack). If they don’t get back to us by the 30th I’m just going to bite the bullet. I’ve heard that they typically get back before winter break though…really frustrating.

Update: as of now, nothing in my email

Has anyone got any email?

No :frowning:
What did you guys apply for?

Just got accepted!! Yay!

Accepted! Let’s go!

Did yiu hear back by email or snail mail?

We heard back by email

Didn’t get accepted, sigh…

I’m applying to Cooper fines arts for RD does anyone know what the home test prompts are ??

Just got my decision back today and I was deferred ED for Architecture :confused: Is deferral common? Is it unlikely that I’ll be accepted RD? It was my top choice school so I’m pretty disappointed ngl.

When is the result released?

According to last years’ thread, engineering was released on 3/29, art and arch were released on 4/1. So hopefully you’ll hear in the next few days.

Does anyone know if it is a 5pm announcement like last year?

Are they going to announce by email?

@jimbobcharlie Engineering decisions come out today 4/1

It’s supposed to be an email. I hope they don’t postpone it because they were working remotely.