Cooper Union Engineering RD

Hey guys,
Does anyone know when Cooper’s RD results come out? Just curious. Also could anyone tell me how good the engineering program really is because I really liked it when I visited but I have heard some things which are keeping me on my toes.
Thanks :slight_smile:

bump any1?

Looks like last year it was around March 22, so possibly next week.

Anyone received anything from Cooper?

Posted on their twitter on Wednesday:

“Decision emails for all first-year applicants, as well as Art & Architecture transfer applicants, will go out between Monday, March 25th and Monday, April 1st. Please add to your known addresses so we don’t go to Spam! #cooperunion

@jimbobcharlie, thanks

My son received his acceptance at 5PM EST today.

Accepted!!!Super happy!!!

@MammaDel and @Test2test Congratulations!! Do you plan to attend? Do you mind posting stats?