Cooper Union Hometest for Architecture students

Hi, guys, I’m considering apply to cooper union on next year, I heard that in order to apply to cooper union, applicants needs to complete the hometest.
I’m interested in applying to Bachelor’s in Architecture, can anyone tells me about the hometest for architecture student in this year?
Since the homestest is different in each year, I just want get a idea to see what kind of things will be in the hometest.

You can Google Cooper Union Hometest Architecture. Some people have posted their Hometests out there, the ones who feel comfortable making them public.

I can’t find hometest of 2019, I don’t need to know how people did the hometest, I just hope some one who did the 2019 hometest will tell me what’s in the hometest. :smile:

From what I can tell every Hometest is different from year to year, but follow the same sort of pattern. In a way if you’ve seen one set of prompts you’ve seen them all, except for the particular one you will get when your turn comes. I think people who just survived it are not in the mood to talk about it yet. It just makes them nervous.