Cooper Union-RD 2023

Was wondering what are my chances!
International student
SAT-1450(790 Maths,660 English)
IB predicted-42
(SAT is just not my exam!!!)
Good recommendations and extra curriculurs.
Passionate about civil engineering, can see through essays. Very good essays.
Seniors, kindly help!!

Does anyone know if Cooper has a student portal where you can check a status of the application? Like other colleges do?

Cooper Union isn’t like any other college!

Not Sure, I applied to cooper RD but decisions havent come out yet.
SAT 1550 (800M, 750 R) 21 Essay(7/7/7)
Math2-800 Chem-790
6 AP Exams with 5 on 5 and a 4 on One
Solid EC’s and Volunteering
2 National Engineering Design Awards.
But I applied to electrical so I dont know if that makes a difference.
Best of luck @Test2test :smiley:


Admitted to Cooper Union!!! Super happy!!!..My other acceptances are Uc-Berkeley, UCLA and Imperial College London.

Heyyyy!!! Congrats! How did you find out? Also was it school of art

Congrats to all accepted! My son was wait-listed. I wader how are his chances to get off the wait list. Also when is accented student day? I wander if he can just go and see if he still wants to wait.

At @Iamcool2007 - Art and Architecture are out today per the CU Admissions Instagram page.

Accepted into the Mechanical Engineering program! woohoo!

Any word on art school? This is driving me crazy

Definitely check your email spam and junk folders. I thought I added to my known email addresses, but my decision email still ended up in my junk folder. That being said, I got my engineering email two days ago - art may not have been released yet.

Yes my son’s (Arch acceptance) was also in the ‘junk’ folder.

Anyone get FA info yet??

How as the accepted students day? Anyone went?