Core Credit / AP Credit

<p>Does anyone know if credits obtained from AP scores count towards the required core curriculum?</p>

<p>Yes, they can count towards core credits, BUT (as usual, there's always a "but") some departments may want you to take certain AU core classes they have deemed requisite to your major or potentially necessary for certain post graduate programs. This happened to my D -- she had AP Bio and AP chem credit (the max amounts), but her adviser strongly suggested that she take the AU bio and chem equivalent. She didn't mind retaking chem (and she got an honors class on this one, so no worries) but having to basically "retake" bio was a BIG bummer (and a waste of a lot of AP credit).
There's a table online that breaks down how credit is determined. Here's the link:</p>

<p>Office</a> of the Registrar - Auburn University</p>

<p>This will help you determine what credits you (initially) may have. Your adviser will assist you in determining which AP credits you want to utilize, and which core classes your department may suggest you take (or retake, in some instances).</p>

<p>Thank You.</p>