<p>Can corequisites be taken as a prerequisite or in other words not be taken at the same time as another class, rather be taken before the class that it is required for.</p>

<p>Haha it is better to take it as a prequisite than as a corequisite. For example, physics 150 lists math 104 as a coreq, which implies that at some point you will be using single-variable calculus in the course. But obviously it would be better to have taken single-variable calculus before taking physics rather than learning it at the same time as physics. I guess the only exception would be if you took the class like 5 years ago and have since forgotten the material. But in my experience, if some key math idea is going to be heavily used in a class (e.g. integrals, differential equations, Fourier series, etc.), then the professor will spend a class or two introducing the concept as a refresher.</p>

<p>well my question was more can u treat it like a prerequisite, but you answered that by saying you should take a coreq before taking the class that requires it. thanks</p>