Cornell AAP Chance Me!

I’m a current junior (c/o 2022) so I haven’t applied yet and I’m currently studying for the SAT so I dont have those scores either (hoping for 1500+) :frowning:
i’ll update this in the fall!
I plan on applying ED to AAP (arch)

Background - URM (African American), female, not sure exact income but 150k+
GPA - 3.7 (4.4 W)
Rank - Top 10%

AP Classes - AP Environmental Science, AP Gov, AP Bio, AP World History, AP Lang, AP Chem, APUSH, AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, AP Physics, AP Microecon, AP Lit

Extracurriculars - Band (highest class since sophomore year), Student Council (reporter), Foreign club (pres), environmental club (secretary), art club (historian), speech and debate, camera club, national honor society, research, summer programs, leadership club
Next year I’m going to have an internship and I’m going to try to get a leadership position in nhs
I also will prob get a summer job!!

Awards -
science fair grand champion
regional science fair 3rd place
regional science fair 1st place
state science fair competitor
honor roll

Your list looks good, I would just see if you could raise your grades a bit and add see how much progress you can get out of the internship, those will be big. I wouldn’t stress as much about the SAT but I would try to get a good grade. Also ED will greatly increase your chances to Cornell

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I don’t do chance me threads but be aware that acceptance to AAP will also rely heavily on a portfolio review. AAP is also the only college at Cornell still requiring interviews.

Best of luck to you!

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