Cornell Admissions Question!!!

<p>When Cornell, and other ivys and top colleges including upenn, harvard, stanford, columbia etc. admit students, do they look at the specific major you apply to or only the school? For example, if I had a huge chem background (research and ap's), would it be beneficial for me to apply to chem eng? Would I have a better chance? Or would they not even look at that and just look at my "engineering" background. Would I have the same chance if I applied to something else like Computer Engineering?</p>

<p>Sorry for all the questions but thanks in advance</p>

<p>Apply for what you are interested in. If you have a chem background and apply as a chem major or chemE, it will only help you. Cornell specifically is focused a lot on the fit and focus of their applicants. I would advise you to apply as a chemE if you want to be an engineer.</p>

<p>Yea, but I'm interested in Computer Engineering. My question is: If I have a better chance at ChemE, then should I go for that, and if i get in, change my major to comp eng? Or would having a chem background not affect my chances at all, and should i just apply to comp eng to begin with?</p>

<p>The major you apply for does not affect the future of your education at CoE. Apply ChemE.</p>