Cornell Alumni Interview OVER THE PHONE??

<p>Hi everybody. I just did my alumni interview for cornell. I called up to make an appointment, and I ended up doing the whole thing over the phone. It wasn't that detailed or anything. I am now worrying that this was bad. Have you every heard about doing it over the phone like this before? Please let me know!!</p>

<p>did mine at cornell club</p>

<p>I met at my interviewers house. Honestly though, the interview really doesn't count very much in the overall admissions process. (Its prob more of a way to make alum feel like they are still involved and maybe donate some more $$$). I know someone who had an alumni interview and her interviewer thought she was the most amazing person ever. She called up Cornell and told them that she was the best interviewee that she'd ever had. Then she kept calling this girl and visiting her at work and kept assuring her that she was "deffinately already in, no doubt, she'd spoken w/ addmissions etc..." Well it ended up she got waitlisted and then rejected. So, really, i don't think they count for very much unless u come accross as a complete weirdo to ur interviewer and they give cornell a horrible report.</p>

<p>When we were at Cornell for a visit a few weeks ago the admissions person from Arts and Sciences told us that the alumni interviews don't count at all. I imagine if the alum uncovered that you were a mass murderer, it would be given some weight, but otherwise, don't worry. It is more of a tool for answering YOUR questions and selling the school to YOU. The admissions rep told us that the alums seem to highly recommend many more kids than admissions can actually take.</p>

<p>I was just called by a local rep for Cornell. He said that he'd interview me in a few hours, but also mentioned that his job was to help me get into Cornell. I really hope the interview isn't that big of a deal.....but I'm still feeling pretty nervous.....</p>

<p>I had mine a couple of days ago, it really wasn't that bad. It's not really an interview, but rather a conversation. I was extremely nervous, but that was because when the interviewer called all he said was "sunday at 9 at starbucks." I wasn't sure whether he meant am or pm, and there are 2 starbucks near me so I didn't know which one to go to. But luckily, I chose the right time and place!
Don't be nervous, because if you seem nervous, the interviewer may interpret it as a lack of confidence. Just take a deep breath and relax. Good luck!</p>

<p>If you are real nervous about doing it, it might be better not to interview at all. If its only going help you a little if you interview well, why not get no help and no hurt, than being nervous and having it hurt you. No help is better than a little hurt.</p>