Cornell and Alum Networking

<p>Just a couple of questions..</p>

<p>1) People always talk about how top tier schools have "great alumni networking". Are they talking about the actual alumni services (i.e. Cornell</a> University - Alumni - Overview) or rather just in the general sense of networking? (aka I know this guy who went to Cornell or "wow this guy also went to Cornell, maybe I'll hire him instead of this guy who went to XXX)</p>

<p>2) Is your undergraduate alum network that important if you're going to graduate (or medical school)? In general, is undergrad networking or graduate more important?</p>

<p>3) Lastly, what does this mean? This is a quote from bioeng (apparently someone who has had many Ivy graduates in his family): "Also even though the CC'ers debate over the ranking amongst the Ivies, in the real world, all Ivy Leaguers network with each others and often help each others in the recruitments. So in effect, you have a large loyal network even bigger than the already substantial size of the Cornell's own." Does this mean the actual alumni services or the "other" sense?</p>


<p>1) Both. </p>

<p>2) Yes. Outside of MBA programs, undergraduate alumni networks are more important. People don't go back to their law school reunions. They go back to their undergraduate reunions.</p>

<p>3) Many cities have 'All-Ivy Events' where you meet alums from other top schools. When I lived in Boston, there was an Ivy League softball league, etc.</p>

<p>Ditto on Cayuga's point #3. I would say that pretty much all of the Cornell alum events I've attended in New Orleans have actually been "All-Ivy" events. The event might be hosted by one specific school, but all Ivy alum are invited.</p>