Cornell asking for verification worksheet...

<p>congratulations, LWTrojan.</p>

<p>Not a bad sign at all - verification is random and doesn't mean anything (good or bad) but a bit more paper work for those selected.</p>

<p>a lot more paperwork when it comes to cornell.</p>

this verification sheet requires a transcript from the IRS.


No, the info on how to request a transcript is only for those who do not have a copy of their 2007 taxes.</p>



<p>No, because I gave in a copy of my 2007 taxes. A transcript is needed to verify that you aren't lying on your tax forms.</p>

<p>Verification for this Fall 2009 applicants will need the verification worksheet and the IRS transcript for 2008 NOT 2007! It takes 10-15 days to get after the request to the IRS and they are to mailed in together.</p>

<p>i got my transcript 3 days after it was requested. its going out to cornell tommorrow</p>

<p>Great - they must just give themselves extra time by saying 10-15 days. Just ordered mine on Thursday.</p>

<p>hey LWTrojan congrats
lol I got accepted to ILR also....and I'm going to the DHW....
but I had a question.....have you received your flight confirmation or anything form them?</p>

<p>OK, now I know we have determined that having to fill out the verification form means nothing in the way of acceptance, but can someone explain why the due date is 2/1/10? </p>

<p>This is not an error as if it was 2009 that date would be past. So why is it not due until 2010? For the life of me I can not figure this out.</p>

<p>im still waiting for the transcript from the IRS to mail in my verification worksheet. is this going to delay finding out waht my financial aid package will be? its really annoying that it says its due 2/15 when it didnt even pop up in my to do list until march. it makes me feel like my financial aid is never going to come in because all my **** is late.</p>

have you received your flight confirmation or anything form them?


I submitted the forms and fee but no, not yet. Make sure you submit the parental permission form or Cornell won't make the flight reservation.</p>

<p>have you guys received notification of acceptance/deferrals/rejection through snail mail, email, or application status on the website?</p>

<p>i'm a transfer, i actually finished all my application necessities (interview, essays, app,etc) earlier this month and just recently submited my taxes for 07,08, and the app for FA the other day. I doubt they had already received the documents, but they are asking for the verification worksheet too...regardless, i just spent a good 30 minutes reading all the posts about this subject. i still don't know where i stand, but it was fun haha</p>