Cornell CAS ED Chances?

<p>*Korean male, came to the US 4 years ago.
(English is my second language.)
*Senior from Texas
*Huge acaedmic disadvantage(transfer of school at the end of the Sophomore year from NY to TX significantly hindered GPA and class rank.)
(Will my counselor explaining this disadvantage in my application make up for my low class rank? Used to be in top 5% back in New York.) </p>

<p>GPA: UW~ 3.74/4.0 W~ 4.73/6.0
Class rank: 160 of 656 (top 24% or so)
Taking the most rigorous classes.
Junior year:
AP United States History: 5
AP Biology: 4
AP English Language: 2 (I know.. lol) </p>

<p>Senior year, currently taking:
AP Calc BC, AP US Govt, AP English Lit,
AP Psychology, AP Physics, Band </p>

<p>SAT: 1460 (710v/750m)
Math IC: 730
Math IIC: 750
Biology: 650 (retaking in December, so this is the score for ED)
US History. Writing: took in october, hoping for/expecting 700+ </p>

<p>EC: </p>

<p>*Weekly visits to a rehab. pavilion: over 100 hrs.
*Band 4 years, drill member of a recognized marching band
*Junior Varsity Soccer (9,10)
*Weekly volunteering at the local library, over 150 hrs.
*National Honor Society (11,12)
*Junior Engineering Technical Society (11,12) Historian (12)
*Academic Decathlon<br>
*NY State-recognized math awards
*Decent Recommendations
*Decent Essays (I hope)
*National Merit Commended</p>

<p>Colleges I'm looking at: typical pre-med major? (bio/org. chem)</p>

<p>Cornell ED (Huge reach?)
UT at Austin/Honors Program (Match/Reach?)
Baylor U in Waco, TX (Safety?)
NYU (Match/Reach)
Emory (Match/Reach)
Texas A&M (Safety?)</p>

<p>I'd very much appreciate any suggestions regarding my list
I think I need some more safety/match schools.. I can't think of any.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>Your stats are quite similar to mine - I think you should hope for the best for Cornell. I would say 35% chance - maybe more maybe less. I need to know your prospective major to recommend some schools.</p>

<p>Thanks, btbvector. 35% is slightly higher than what I expected.
I'd like to hear more opinions.</p>

<p>bumpie bumpie bump</p>

<p>I just found out that my class rank is 126/656 instead of 160.. won't probably affect
much but here are my new GPA's and percentage:</p>

<p>UW: ~3.75 W: ~4.95/6.0
Top 19%</p>

<p>2nd decile... 1450+ SAT... I say 45% now.</p>

<p>Any more inputs please? I'm gonna send the application tomorrow!</p>

<p>30% early
15% if they defer you</p>