Cornell CAS ED

<p>My chances may be slim, but tell me anyway :)</p>

<p>Korean male, came to the US 4 years ago (Permanent resident)
Senior from Suburban Houston, Texas
SAT: 1460 single sitting (710v 750m)
GPA: UW 3.73/4.0 W 4.8/6.0
Class rank: Low due to transfer of school from outer-state(New York).. my registrar wrote a letter regarding this disadvantage.. 126/624; top 20%
SAT II: Blows..
Math IIC 750
Math IC 730
US History 660 (5 on the AP..)
Biology 650 (4 on the AP..)
Writing 640 (no comment, retaking)</p>

<p>Currently enrolled in: Calc BC, AP Lit, AP Govt, AP Psychology, AP Physics B,
Spanish III H, Band.</p>

<p>EC's: Marching/concert band 4 years, clarinetist.
Junior Engineering Technical Society Historian
National Honor Society
JV Soccer 9,10
Academic Decathlon
(lol)Rehabilitation Pavilion Therapeutic Recreation Volunteer, 100+ hrs.
International Club
Local library adult reference volunteer, 120+ hrs.
Few NY-state recognized math awards</p>

<p>Decent recommendations
Decent+ essays</p>



<p>c'mon, 43 views and no comments? =p</p>


<p>Get your writing score up a bit. Something around 750 will make your app look much better. Otherwise, you have solid credentials and a decent chance. Definitely follow though with it.</p>

<p>Sadly, I can't take the November SAT since my high school marching band will be in Indianapolis for Bands of America Grand Nationals competition the testing day. I've already signed up for December test.. think rushing my December scores for Cornell ED(given I do much better) would benefit me any? I believe by then Cornell will already have made a decision</p>