Cornell CAS or CALS

Hi i am an international applicant (male, indian) who is applying to cornell as an ed applicant. i will be majoring in information sciences, which college has a better acceptnce rate for male international applicants, CALS or CAS.
I have been through all core reqs and i do not have any prfernce in terms of course work requirements.
i know that the difference isn’t much but i only have one hsot at this so i want to maximise my chnces.

Neither of those is going to be automatically easier for you. But if you want details, you could ask the International Students Office there if they have any breakdown by college and major.

Cornell does not typically breakdown their acceptance rates. Both schools are going to be a hard admit for an international student.

IMO, your best shot is the college that most closely matches to your personal strengths and background. You need to be able to articulate why you are applying to that particular college. The graduation requirements for CAS vs CALS are different. Look beyond the core requirements for your major and look at the distribution requirements for the college.