Cornell CAS success applying to law school vs. Williams College

<p>Pardon my ignorance of the entire law school application progess, but as a fresh admit to Cornell's CAS, I am very curious as to how Cornell's reputation fairs among the top law schools.</p>

<p>Of what I do know about law school admissions, I know that it is largely a numbers game. The law schools have all pre-assigned certain institutions a "number," which is later multiplied by the LSAT score, GPA, etc, and the resultant quantity is factored into the entire application.</p>


<p>I'm torn between Cornell CAS and Williams College. I'm aiming to use that certain number as the major criterion: I love both schools, visited them both, and I feel that I would fluorish at either one.</p>


<p>you definitely should not pick which school you will attend by some number used by law schools. CAS and williams are both outstanding liberal arts colleges, you can't go wrong with choosing either. cornell probably has the better reputation.</p>

<p>Williams is one of the top feeder school. I think it will be better choice for a law school..</p>

<p>LSAT and GPA are very important factors in law school admission. Cornell's harsh curve will make your study laborious.. Not that williams's standard is low, but you will have more time to study LSAT, and earn good GPA (You still have to work your butt off at both school!)</p>

<p>Which is why the OP was inquring about the "number" assigned to Cornell which I presume negates any differences in grade inflation.</p>

<p>I'm planning on going to law school after college, and this "number" idea is intriguing. I've never heard of it before... I say just go where you want... I don't think either school is going to harm law school admission. As long as you work hard, either school is a great choice.</p>

<p>i know someone personally (a girl to boot) who got accepted EVERYWHERE she applied...cornell, HAHVAHD, YALE, columbia, etc. all of them. she is sweating them now for all the money they will give her to attend.</p>

<p>That's for law school?? Holy cow... what undergrad college did she attend?</p>

<p>arts, she was a college scholar (thats the make up your own major) major</p>

<p>at Cornell, though? sorry, I didn't specify.</p>

<p>How do you get to become a Cornell Scholar? Aren't you and about 30 other CAS people chosen by the faculty? I know this would certainly boost anybody's law school application.</p>

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<p>It basically let's you have an open cirriculum like Brown's</p>

<p>Honestly, Williams is hard to top for overall placement. I would guess it does better than Cornell overall.</p>

<p>Cornell has much better medical and engineering placement, but I don't know the numbers for williams.....are you sure you want a williams ugrad degree for the rest of your life? You may not get another shot at a top school during grad applications....just a concern to think about.</p>

<p>What do you mean, glob? What's so bad about a Williams ugrad degree? Really, what does Cornell offer that Williams doesn't?</p>

<p>a lot, for example, a wine tasting class</p>

<p>Well ... aside from that ... I mean, I'm just not all that interested in wine. What are the disadvantages of having a Williams degree? I think that in terms of undergraduate education alone, Williams can top that of Cornell's CAS.</p>

<p>But correct me if I'm wrong.</p>

<p>Something to keep in mind, the general population for the most part has never even heard of Williams and the other liberal art schools. This is not something to say to bring down Williams, b/c its a fabulous school. However, one day when you are getting a job in some place outside of the east coast, your employer may be clueless about Williams/Amherts, etc whereas, Cornell would probably be more highly regarded in that sense.</p>

<p>that is true, and Cornell has greater success in placing students in grad and law my Harvard Law class, 39 from Cornell, 2 from Williams...</p>

<p>Top 50 Feeder Schools
1) Harvard
2) Yale
3) Princeton
4) Stanford
5) Williams
6) Duke
7) Dartmouth
8) MIT
9) Amherst
10) Swarthmore
11) Columbia
12) Brown
13) Pomona
14) University of Chicago
15) Wellesley
16) University of Pennsylvania
17) Georgetown
18) Haverford
19) Bowdoin
20) Rice
21) Northwestern
22) Claremont McKenna
23) Middlebury
24) Johns Hopkins
25) Cornell
26) Bryn Mawr
27) Wesleyan
28) Cal Tech
29) Morehouse
30) University of Michigan
31) New College of Florida
32) Vassar
33 University of Virginia
34) United States Military Academy
35) University of Notre Dame
36) Emory University
37) United States Naval Academy
38) Macalester
39) Brandeis
40) Bates
41) University of California, Berkeley
42) Barnard
43) Trinity
44) Grinnell
45) Tufts
46) Colby
47) Washington University
48) Washington and Lee
49) Case Western Reserve
50) Reed</p>

<p>christ why do people quote that very flawed WSJ "study"? it's worse than USNWR ...</p>

<p>with that said, go to whichever school you think you will do better at. law school is a numbers whore.</p>