Cornell CAS Transfer deadline

<p>So I've heard a lot of rumors about the application deadline being pushed back for some Cornell schools. Is the CAS deadline still the 15th? Has anyone actually called and checked or is this just speculation?</p>

<p>Any info would be great! I just don't want to sound like an idiot when


<p>I don't get this! Why don't you call Cornell and ask them?</p>

<p>Stop being lazy. It takes only one call.</p>

<p>Must you be so accusatory, kenien? If you don't have any relevant information, just refrain from posting.</p>

<p>baseball, yes, the deadline has been pushed back for Cornell CAS. Not sure the exact date..I think the 30th. Call and verify.</p>

<p>soccer - i have posted twice on this forum that Cornell has extended its deadline to March 31st. Apart from this, allot of people have posted the same information abt 10 times in other forums. If someone still dubious about it then the best thing is to contact Cornell.</p>

<p>I said that in the interest of baseball because he/she must not rely on third party sources for such important information.</p>

<p>That's true, kenien, but you also just admitted that you did in fact know the new deadline was March 31st. Why not just tell him that instead of calling him lazy and then withholding the information?</p>

<p>Some might not have read the other postings...give the guy a break and don't bust his b**ls.</p>

<p>thank you everyone, for the productive responses... I will call and verify as well but just wanted to get a consensus as I have searched through the forums and found some conflicting information.</p>

<p>Thanks again.</p>

<p>I called... and yes the deadline has been extended for anyone who is still wondering and may happen upon this page.</p>

<p>This is interesting.</p>

<p>I'm freaking out because although my application was submitted in February, currently my supplement essays are not finished, I never got CAS email, and their website still says the 15th. o_o;</p>

<p>Does that date refer to ILR as well?</p>