Cornell Chance Me?

<p>So I go to a very difficult Private High School in Cleveland Ohio. I hope to make my way into the media industry someday and I firmly believe this school would be very beneficial in that regard. Here is aprt of my resume and thank you very much:</p>

<p>GPA: 3.9
ACT: 27 (30 EN, 28 MA, 25 SC, 24 CR, 10 Essay)
SAT: 1910 (570 CR, 660 MA, 680 WR, 10 Essay)
AP: US History (4) English Language (4)
SAT II: US History 640</p>

<p>Classes: Mostly the standard courses. I would have taken more AP courses but at the end of my sophomore year I received a concussion and missed the last month of school. Everyone therefore strongly recommended I just take the regular courses rather than pursue the AP and Honors courses.
English: 9, 10, 11, Art and Craft of Writing, AP Revenge and Justice (Literature) (Took AP Language test in 11th grade even though I did not take the class and got a 4. Will take Literature test Senior year)
History: 9, 10, 11, Strategy Diplomacy and War, The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, Cuban History (Took APUSH test even though I was not in the class and scored a 4)
Math: Algebra 1, Geometry Accelerated, Algebra 2
Science: Bio 9, Chem, Honors Physics
Latin: 3 Years</p>

Congressional Debate Captain
President of the School Disciplinary Committee
School Newspaper Vice Editor
Lead in about 7 School Plays and Musicals
Creator, Founder, President and Play by Play Broadcaster of our School Sports Programing Network
Gold Member of the Cadmean Society (School Service Committee)
Varsity "B" Golf Team
Club Archery Team
Intern at ideastream (NPR in Downtown, Cleveland Ohio)
Intern at WRIS (Social Media Service for our school in Cleveland, Ohio)
School Ambassador to the X'ian School in China and Hale School in Australia</p>

<p>Thank you very much. Honesty is appreciated and if you have any ways of improving my resume, please tell me how i can do so. Thanks.</p>

<p>What school and major are you applying to? Your GPA is great, but you might wanna think about retaking the SAT or ACT to raise your scores. Breaking 2100 will really help you out, and it’ll help make up for the lack of AP classes/rigor. If Cornell is your top choice, I suggest applying ED. You’ll have a hard time competing against more qualified applicants in the regular decision pool, so applying early decision will help your chances significantly. Your ECs are great and if you have killer essays and recommendations to back this all up, you have a shot - not a fabulous one, but still a shot.</p>