Cornell costs

<p>I am looking for the site that contains the costs of cornell in past years. 2003-2004, 2002-2003, 2001-2002 etc., so I can get some insight on how much the costs rise every year. Is there such a site?</p>

<p>most likely bet is search the archives of cornell daily sun's. i'm sure there's been plenty of articles about the inflation in tuition, and probably note the cost in years past.</p>

<p>i think 04-05 was about 32000 and this year is over 40000</p>

<p>holy crap. that's unbelievable</p>

<p>tell me about it :( im trying to convince my parents that its worth it in the end</p>

<p>I believe last year it was slightly over $40,000. The number you hear a lot is between a 3-5% increase in tuition per year for most schools.</p>