Cornell Dartmouth Chances?

<p>What are my chances at Cornell or Dartmouth ED?
Also,I am a hispanic male.</p>

<p>GPA 99.4
Class Rank 11/590
SAT Score 1980 (Taking again in June)
PSAT 196
9 AP Couses:World History, U.S History, Govenment/Economics, Art History,
Computer Science, English 4, European History, Physics</p>

<p>Academic Honors
National Honor Society
National Spanish Honor Society
National Latin Honor Society
National English Honor Society
National Hispanic Scholar</p>

Gold Medal National Latin Exam
1st Place(Roman History) NSJCL/TSJCL AREA and STATE Competitions
2nd Place(Decathlon) NSJCL/TSJCL AREA and STATE Competitions
Summa Cum Laude Latin Pentathalon
1st Place Certamen(Latin Jeopardy) Area and State Competitions
Clark "C" Award(98 or Higher GPA)</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities
Freshman(9th), Junior Varsity(10th), Varsity Football(11th and 12th lettered both years) QB/LB
JV Track(9th,10th, 11th)
7-On-7 Summer Football
Fellowship of Christian Athletes(President)
Latin Club
Certamen Team(Latin Jeopardy)
Steering Commitee</p>

Prepared and Served food for homeless at SAMM shelter
Hung out with orphaned kids from Baptist Childrens Home
Mentored elementary kids every week(Tutoring for Tots)</p>

<p>Also, want to go to law school. Any recommendations for undergraduate?
Should I take any SAT subject tests or the ACT?</p>

<p>Good class rank, weak SAT for Ivy League, Under Repersented Minority (URM), state recognition for ECs</p>

<p>Cornell - Match
Dartmouth -Match</p>

<p>Both would be reaches without affirmitive action.</p>

<p>big reaches might I add</p>

<p>Cornell is much easier than Dartmouth, that's a match. Even as a URM, get the SAT over 2000 and as close as possible to 2100.</p>

<p>How much easier are NYU or BU to get into?</p>

<p>Much, except fro Stern or Tish.</p>