Cornell, Dartmouth, or Brown

Hey guys. Just looking for some advice here. I couldn’t decide between these three great school so I made the horrible mistake of enrolling in all three. I am looking to double major in inter. relations and economics. What is each school like? Environment, prestige, relevance to my majors? Thanks!

you need to make a decision quickly because if one of those schools (or worse, all three of them) find out that you enrolled in more than one university, they will rescind your acceptance, and you do not want that. For international relations and economics, I would advice Cornell. Their Government major is one of the best in the nation, and the Dyson school is also very reputable for economics. In addition, Cornell has so much to offer in terms of branching out in econ - you can even minor in Real Estate! I would say you’re much better off going to Cornell for the connections and resources.

Isn’t Dartmouth Econ excellent?

If you are telling the truth, ( I do not think you are) you have violated all 3 schools admissions contract. All 3 should recind your acceptance as you are unfairly holding spots for others. Your conduct does not deserve any responses.

You are going to be rescinded by all three if you aren’t careful. Best thing to do now is to email two of them and explain that you had confused the whole “enrollment process.” Knowing the human nature, it probably happens frequently.