Cornell deferred me

Cornell (having a deferral rate of about 23%) deferred me on a SAT score of 1480 and I had applied for financial aid. Does this mean other parts of my application are strong like ECs, essays etc.??
Note - I’m an international student.

It means they feel you are qualified to attend Cornell but they want to see who else applies RD. Getting accepted after deferral is hard, so keep your expectations realistic.

thanks lol. I needed to hear this

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Compared to the average college applicant, I think you can conclude that the other parts of your application are strong. Compared to an ivy league applicant, I think you can conclude that they are, at least, reasonable.

It means you’re within their parameters but they want to see who else applies.
Have you applied to other colleges in the US, Europe, Australia or New Zealand?
What is your family’s budget?

Hi I’m also an international student that got deferred who applied for financial aid. Have you gotten any emails about Cornell wanting you to send them official financial documents? Or any emails at all from Cornell regarding financial aid? My financial aid portal is completely blank.