Cornell Early Assurance Physician program?

<p>So the only early assurance program that I know of that goes through Cornell is this
Special</a> Admissions Option—Early Assurance Physician Program:College of Medicine:SUNY Upstate Medical University
....i dont really want to go to suny upstate. at all.... so im wondering if cornell has some other program with a different med school. i looked all over the website and I couldnt find anything! help me!</p>

<p>cmon cornell has to have some other program with a better med school. suny upstate ranked in the 70s...</p>

<p>thats so weird haha, cornell does too much for NY. i doubt there's another program, and anyway, the deadlines seems to have passed already..</p>

<p>im thinking for the future lol im not a senior.</p>

<p>I don't think Cornell has any other programs with any other med schools. In fact, I don't think most Cornellians are even aware of this program.</p>

<p>I think of this as an SUNY Upstate Med program rather than a Cornell program.</p>

<p>The SUNY upstate program is associated with many colleges and universities across NY. It's actually not a bad deal considering the normal cost of Medical school. And if you are a NY state resident this would considerably reduce the annual fee as a Upstate medical student which at the end of the day would help. Cornell is associated with other programs but not really ones that waive the MCAT requirement, like they have a tri-state MD-PHD program and also other MD/MBA and MD/MPH program. All of which require their individual admissions exams.</p>

<p>Hey i looked up some stuff on this and I think you have to apply to this program as a freshman at SUNY cobleskill and not as a senior in high school. Do you guys know? I'm not too sure</p>