Cornell ED Advice Needed

<p>Alright guys I was planning to try my luck with Princeton but my hope's dashed yesterday after getting back my SATII results, so I'm thinking of trying Cornell instead, I know it's kinda late to try ED now but I'll still give it a shot. Here's my stats:</p>

<p>International Student/Asian/Singaporean Chinese/Female</p>

<p>A-Levels (Official Projected Results)
Mathematics: A
Physics: A
Chemistry: A
Further Mathematics: C (DArn!)</p>

<p>SATI: 1520 (Math:790, Verbal:730)
SATII: Math IIC:800, Physics:800, Writing:640 (<em>cries</em> This is ridiculous, that places me in the 59 percentile !@#^&$%)</p>

Air Rifle: School Team Member, took part in National inter-schools twice and some other minor competitions
Green Club: Secretary, Outstanding Service Award
Mechatronics: National Science Fair Gold Award, Innovation Carnival Gold Award, National Robotics Competition Best Programming Award
Science/Maths Council: AMC Distinction Pin, AIME, National Maths Olympiad
Library Council: Committee Member</p>

<p>Job Experiences:
Nature Guide (for 2 years now)
webpage design</p>

<p>That's about it now.. I heard the admission's a lot tougher on foreigners, how true is that? Any advice at all will be greatly appreciated! Thanks a million!! :)</p>

<p>Haha.. I see the admin changed the title to my post!</p>

<p>Anyway, just some additional info, i'm not sure about my exact ranking in class, but i'll say top 10% at the very least, and i'm thinking of majoring in physics. So what's my chances guys?</p>

<p>bump bump bump :P</p>

<p>Hey, I will be majoring in physics too - maybe I will see you :-)</p>

<p>yes, you have a great chance. 90% ED.</p>

<p>oh really? I sure hope so. Now my only concern is whether my application will reach in time, particularly the teacher recommendations, I have no idea when they'll hit the mail.</p>

<p>I hope we can both get in, hope to see you around! ;)</p>

<p>sure - I hope that we get in! :-)</p>