Cornell ED - Chance me :D!

Incoming senior
An immigrant from a 3rd World
First generation
Low income - single parent home
I attend a well known and rigorous High school
My brother attends Cornell currently

GPA: 3.75 UW/ 3.89 W
SAT: 1430 (will try for 1500+)
Sophomore and Junior year I had 4.0 GPA, I plan on earning that senior year as well. (Freshman year was very rough)

AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, AP Wolrd History, AP United States History, AP Human Geography, AP Pyshcgloly, AP United States Literature, AP World Literature, AP Environmental Studies, AP Computer Science Java, Honors Biology

Badminton: JV one year, varsity for three and Captain senior year
ModelUN: three years, best delegation award, Club Secretary General senior year
Backpack tutoring: volunteer tutoring for kids in poverty, leadership two years
LinkCrew Leadership
Digital Photography Club
Asian Student Union
Spanish Club
Chinese Club
120+ hours in Community Service
Community service award

I have a consistent job as a barista

+Strong and passionate personal essay and supplement to ILR School at Cornell

I know I’m walking on eggshells here but Cornell is my dream school and I really hope to get admitted but I also need feedback that’s not biased. I’ve heard an essay can really improve my chances, should I post my essay? Also, any tips on increasing my chances?

Do not post your essay! You don’t want to risk someone plagiarizing it.

Focus on improving your test scores and your subject test.

Thanks for the advice! Do subject tests really matter that much?

Subject scores are one part of the holistic application. Applicants to Cornell usually have the whole package so you want your scores to be as high possible.