Cornell ED chances with good SATs but ok EC's

<p>I would like to know what you all think about my chances at cornell?
SAT 1st(800M640V)
Can I combine these two to be 800M and 790V for a 1590?
SAT2 800mathIIC
730 Writing
730 US history
Bio M pending december test date
School: private catholic school pretty competitive
taking hardest classes
96.06 Unweighted
102(.something) weighted
2nd in class of 215
4 AP's this year (school does offer many)
Hospital Volunteer
Art Club Secretary
Varsity Swim Team
Student Govt for 2 years
A bucnh of award from the school
Honor rOLL
I worked on a political Campaign for a local US Congresswoman
Chess Club
Mock Trial
I've had a job since i was 12 and I recently clerked for a local chemical company (my major is chemistry)</p>

<p>What would you say my chances are?
by the way sorry for the double post no one answered my first one.</p>

<p>0% chance</p>

<p>Just kidding! With a combined SAT of 1590, unweighted gpa of 4.0, amazing class rank, and pretty good EC's, do you really need to ask? As long as you have a decent essay and/or interview, i think you're fine. good luck!</p>

<p>You're so in, it's not even funny.</p>

<p>thanks guys and masterchief, halo rulz, cant wait for the sequel to come out</p>

<p>I preordered it as soon as that VP tatooed the release date on his arm. That was one impressive PR stunt.</p>