Cornell ED rescind

<p>A friend of mine who got accepted to Cornell </p>

<p>got caught for plagirizing on an assessment :[</p>

<p>would Cornell rescind its admission?</p>

<p>Perhaps. Cornell takes academic integrity very seriously. This offense indicates future problems with the student and it is very likely that he will get rescinded if this violation is reported.</p>

<p>From what I know, no, unless it warranted a suspension. The school might not even report it to Cornell. If they do, however, I suggest writing a letter explaining the circumstances, apologizing, and assuring them that this is not indicative of their normal behavior. It helps a lot if this is their first major strike.</p>

<p>^yeah you really don't know cornell. Cornell takes the academic plagiarism thing very seriously, perhaps unnaturally more so than most other universities. You are constantly reminded about it and how dire the consequences are for students who plagiarize/ or even get remotely close to plagiarizing.</p>