Cornell ED/UC Berkeley Chances

Do I have a shot at Cornell Early Decision and/or UC Berkeley, given these stats?

Applying Cornell CAS Astronomy major, UC Berkeley L&S Astrophysics major.

GPA: 3.72 UW, 4.12 W (up till junior year, school does not count pluses/minuses)
Rank: N/A
SAT: 2330 (780 W, 770 M, 780 CR)
AP Tests: Bio, Physics 1, Chem, US History, Stats (all 5 except for Chem)
Projected AP Tests: Calculus BC, Physics C Mechanics, AP Computer Science (projected 5 on all)

I have taken/am taking all the AP classes for the tests I took, except for the AP Chemistry. That is my one and only 4.

SAT Subjects: Bio 800, Math II 800, Chemistry 800
PSAT: 228

Quiz Bowl for 4 years
Astronomy research with Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Climatology research at Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Debate club officer, worked to quadruple club membership

Biotech summer internship, designed software that is still in use today by the company

Educational foundation volunteering
Science museum exhibit facilitator volunteer
After school tutoring in math/science

County Science Fair 2nd place (twice, for 2 different astronomy projects)
National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist
AP Scholar with Distinction
Won debate awards at two events
Ranked highly statewide in Quiz Bowl, have competed nationally for 3 years (and qualified for a fourth)

Essays: 8.5+/10 (talk about my passion for astronomy and how I’ve used computers/data science to pursue that passion)
Teacher Recs: 9/10
Counselor Rec: 7.5+/10 (really no clue how this will turn out)

Sex: Male
Race: Asian Indian
Family income: 250k+, 6 members of household
Home state: CA

Summary: My test scores are nearly flawless but my GPA definitely is not. However, my course rigor is extremely high and few people in my school have done something similar.

I would say very high chances for Cornell, I currently am a freshman here

What’s your UC GPA (10th-11th grades)? Berkeley’s average is about 4.4 for L&S.

I don’t know what the first respondent said about. But because of your low UW GPA, you don’t really have an absolute chance to get in. I’d say you definitely have a chance for Cornell ED, but probably low reach. Again your UW GPA is the killer here.

Same for Berkeley. Your SAT score is good enough to try Berkeley.

Definitely will get into berkeley
Possible chance for cornell, yes your GPA is pretty bad (hopefully you can explain it, it seems to contradict your other achievements) but i think your ECs are on a range from okay to stellar (based on how well you can convey your passion for astronomy)

Thanks everyone for helping to chance me.

I got the letter of rec request from Berkeley just 2 days ago; I suppose that’s a good sign for that school. (I suppose my extensive ECs associated with Berkeley + my high SAT score were the saving grace). Cornell I also got the CAAAN contact, another hopeful sign. Although both processes are supposed to be “random selection”, I strongly doubt that either school would invest much time in reviewing applicants they knew they were going to reject anyway.

@theofrelord I think I made a mention in the essays of priding myself on taking the most difficult classes (and alluded to this in the CAAAN interview), but I didn’t want to use my essays as a means of explaining away my rather mediocre GPA. The real reason is my disorganization, leaving homework at home, etc. rather than inability to understand the material taught. But rather than tell colleges straight away that I’m disorganized I thought to let my ECs speak for myself (I’m not lazy and have pushed myself to intellectually learn/achieve).