Cornell ED?

<p>I'm ED applying to the college of Human Ecology in Cornell</p>

<p>Race: Indian (Asian)
Gender: Male</p>

<p>GPA: 3.82 (unweighted) (4.0 scale) (missed 10% by .04)
SAT I: 740 math, 690 verbal (plan to retake in November, expecting between 1450-1500)
SAT II: Math IIC - 800, Biology - 680,
Writing - expecting score around 700.
Scored over 100 on the AMC, qualified for the next round (AME)
AP's: BC Calc - 5, American History - 4, Physics - 4
I am currently taking: AP Spanish, AP Bio, AP Stat, and AP Psychology</p>

School Yearbook - Sophomore, Junior, Senior Editor (9th-12th)
Sports Newspaper - Editor and writer (12th)
Tutoring - spanish and math (11th-12th)
Volunteer work at hospital - around 70 hours so far (11th-12th)
Various Sports: JV tennis (10th), track (9th), ultimate frisbee (11th), and recreational basketball (9th)
Students for Social Justice - (9th-10th)
SHARE (community service club) - (9th, 12th)
Film Club (9th-12th)
Worked at Medical Office over the summer.
Mandelbrot/Math Club (12th)
Took a 3 week CTY course during summer between 9th and 10th (Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Summer Program)</p>

<p>Awards/Achievements: (my school doesn't have any honor societies)
Expected AP Scholar
SAT score in 8th grade allowed me participate in CTY program
Scored over 100 on the AMC, qualified for next round and got an award</p>

<p>Helping Factors:
- I had a sister go to Cornell and graduate from the same college I'm applying to (Human Ecology)
- I'm a NY state resident and I'm applying to a NY state college
- ethnic minority</p>

<p>Do you think I will get in? (a simple yes or no, or you can give a percent chance....) Thank you very much.</p>

<p>bump bump..</p>

<p>You're not a minority</p>