Cornell Engineering ED - Will I get in?

Hi guys, I applied ED to Cornell Engineering and I’m nervous about my admission chances. I’m an Indian male from Pennsylvania, and I go to a really terrible public school. We only have 5 APs (I took them all), and I also took all honors classes throughout high school. We don’t have GPAs on a 4.0 scale, we go on the 100 scale, but I have a 97.8 out of 100.

ACT: 34
SAT: 1440 (our average is < 800)
AP Calc AB: 5
AP Chem: 2 (I had a really terrible teacher, he told our class he didn’t care and left us in the dark, he got fired after that year ended)

97.8 GPA
About 40 / 760 rank
Took every AP my school offered
Took all the hardest classes they had

Made a couple (somewhat successful) apps throughout high school
Worked at 2 software companies
Worked with local businesses on enhancing their technology
Volunteered on Hillary 2016’s campaign, I was the assistant organizer in my area (we did super well)
Ran a camp at a local community center and taught underprivileged children programming
Star Scout, I’m working on my Eagle
Lots more, this is just the really cool stuff

I visited multiple times, I made sure to talk to my region’s admissions officer a lot (I think she liked me, she definitely seemed like she did)

I’m applying for Computer Science. Can anyone provide me with some insight on my chances?

@asjjhsdfhds, you’re asking kind of late in the process. We should know in 4 days. But your stats are solid and your ECs are good. I don’t think your high school’s reputation is a factor. Calling it terrible is subjective. And taking 5 APs is just fine. I get sick of reading about all these other kids taking 10-12 APs plus college courses during the summer. I prefer to have a life outside of studying all the time. LOL. Anyway, your biggest weakness is the same weakness everyone has… your profile reads very similar to 90% of the ED applicants. You visiting multiple times and staying in touch with an admissions counselor was smart. I think you’ll get in, but that’s just my opinion.

Going to a bad school and doing well in comparison could help you since they compare you to your peers