Cornell Engineering transfer GPA

<p>Hi I am student at a California community college hoping to transfer into Cornell Engineering (with computer engineering major) and have not been able to find any statistics online on the average GPA community college GPA of students who have successfully transfered in. I guess my question would be better phrased this way:
What kind of GPA does Cornell Engineering consider competitive?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>I would take a wild guess and say 3.7-9+ </p>

<p>That's the best estimate I can give, because there are no statistics I know of that Cornell gives.</p>

<p>hmm ok thank you...I figured it would be in that range. I should have a 3.68 at the time when I apply so I guess my chances are not impossible...</p>

<p>that's perfectly fine, just know that they only take 6% of applicants</p>

<p>oh ok I see where did you get that number, out of curiosity?</p>

<p>they report the acceptance rates on their website somewhere</p>