cornell finally "officially" announced decision date

<p>im posting this since there are some ppl who say that people are just speculating with the december 10th.
well they finally annoucned it officially
its december 10th 5pm
607 255-5241
call their admissions office and just press 4
automatic answering service thing will tell you about everything</p>

<p>yeah i just called after seeing your post and it also says that we won't see our decisions on the current application webpage (the material tracking one) but in a different method (still online) which will be explained to us soon by email.</p>

<p>so nervousssss!</p>

<p>lol yeah why would they make it so much more complicated?
anyway... me too.. nervous as crapp
but im hoping for the best birthday present of my life on december 10th!</p>

<p>Haha, me too ^
Except my b-day is Dec 8th, not tenth :P</p>

<p>^ happy almost birthday! mine's the day after yours</p>

<p>What Majors are you guys applied for?
Obviously I'm Architecture... JW</p>

<p>to yjs1210
Cool, December 10th is also my birthday</p>

<p>lol happy bday ... everyone?
gl man, lets all get in :)</p>

<p>Chemical engineering here :)
wow thats alot of december birthdays 8,9,10 x 2</p>

<p>oh btw
computer science here O.o</p>

<p>Biomedical Engineering here! Good luck next week everyone.</p>

<p>Psychology. I feel so...incompetent against all you BME, CS, CE and Architecture kids. lol.</p>

<p>nervous. </p>

<p>nutritional science CALS</p>

<p>My birthday's also the 8th :)</p>

<p>aem; good luck guys. only seven days left...</p>

<p>6 days, 18 hours, 6 minutes</p>