Cornell freshman transfer chances (CAS)

<p>Hi everybody, I know this is a common thread but I would like to get an estimate of my chances to get into Cornell as a Freshman transfer student. I am applying to CAS as a Computer Science major.</p>

<p>Currently enrolled at UC Davis
SAT: 2120
high school GPA: 4.0 weighted, 3.7 unweighted
First quarter: 3.56
Midterm report: 4.0
Decent letter of recs (1 from mathematics professor, 1 from CS professor)</p>

<p>Extra Curricular:
-first place in a programming competition
-created an application with fellow student developers
-currently in another programming competition
-member of the Undergraduate Finance Association
-interned at a local software company
-plays tennis recreationally
-volunteered at an orphanage in Vietnam
-does LSD recreationally</p>