*(Cornell Graduates Help)

<p>I am applying early to cornell. Just wondering what your stats were.
In addition how are you guys doing on ur essays. I just can't seem to fit everything for my academic interest essays. should i mail more than 3 recs?
thanks guys!</p>

<p>1480 SAT I
Nearly all 800's on the II's
4.3 weighted GPA
Numerous publications in high school
Eagle Scout
President of a hospital service org.
Manager on the h.s. newspaper
Governor's School Scholar
1st place in various state competitions</p>

<p>However, it is hard to judge your own chances based upon another's record. The best way to find out your chances is to write excellent essays and give it your best shot. You would be surprised to know how many over-qualified people get rejected and how sometimes under-qualified people get accepted. College admissions is far from a science. Good luck!</p>

<p>Yes, send in more than three letters... but only if they each contribute something to your "package." As for the essays, it's tough to fit it all in; careful planning is the only solution.</p>