Cornell "Graduation Song" by Kinetics&one love. Better than "Why I chose Yale"

<p>Kinetics</a> & One Love Record New Graduation Song About Cornell | The Cornell Daily Sun</a> | Freshest New Hip Hop, RnB and Techno Tracks Brand New Kinetics & One Love Track</p>

<p>Not sure if this has been posted yet. But I heard "Why I Chose Yale" earlier in this semester and though first of all, it was funny, that most things could apply to many top schools, and that it seemed sort of forced. </p>

<p>Although this song wasn't sponsored by Cornell, as a graduating senior, I believe it sums up my social life at Cornell pretty well. It glosses over studying and prelims, but those aren't the memories I'm going to take from college. Instead, sharing a pitcher and some laughs in collegetown with friends I've known for 4 years will be what I look back on and smile when I'm older.</p>

<p>Meh. It's a catchy tune and the chorus is pretty good, but the rap lyrics and delivery fall pretty flat. Adderall? Sex in the stacks? Ray-bans? I certainly hope you'll remember more about your Cornell experience than those couple of things.</p>

<p>At least they used the chimes to open and close the song.</p>

<p>I really love it...I downloaded it right before I started backing up to come home and I've been playing it since then (I like this kind of song anyway.) it's not like the details of it reflect my life, but everyone at Cornell knows about the <em>idea</em> of sex in the stacks, so it's just a nice universal line.
I like the chimes sample too. it sounds just like it used to sound in my room. the first time I heard it I looked at my watch because I thinking it wasn't time for a concert. :D</p>

<p>I like it, and the rest of their music is pretty decent too.</p>

<p>Although they do need to progress past one night stands, weed, sororities and fraternities, and any of the other things that pop up in about half of their songs. Once they branch out from that, they'll be even better.</p>