Cornell Health Insurance

<p>In the Cornell Bound packet, it says that "If you are recieving a financial aid package, and you plan to enroll in Cornell's SHIP [(health insurance plan)] . . . you should include the cost of the SHIP premium in your financial aid package."</p>

<p>Does this mean that if we get the SHIP plan, our financial aid will be adjusted to cover it, or that we should include this as another expense that our current aid package will have to cover (so basically we have to pay for it)?</p>

<p>i think you'll still pay out of pocket for your health insurance but might be refunded for it later if your finAID covers it or if you apply for an AID adjustment...</p>

<p>not sure how they do finAID these days...</p>

<p>You can ask for an adjustment in your aid to cover the cost of the insurance once the form becomes available. will have to purchase the insurance so it shows on your bursar bill before you can ask.</p>

<p>I never had SHIP but I'm thinking about getting it next semester. I'm wondering if SHIP is covered by finaid, how would it be covered though? Via loans or grants? (I currently benefit from the no loans for people w/ income below 70,000 program).</p>

<p>You would have to discuss that with an FA counselor...I looked into it and they told me I was only eligible for a loan and since I rarely used Gannett I decided to not get the loan and have SHIP.</p>

<p>I read this on Cornell's website...</p>

<p>Cornell’s financial aid packages do not include the cost of the SHIP. If you receive financial aid, you may request an adjustment to your aid package (in extra loan or work eligibility) to cover this necessary educational cost. </p>

<p>Does this mean I will only be able to secure extra loan or work study to cover the cost of SHIP ($1716 this year)?
Seems a bit unreasonable to me...</p>

<p>Yes, that is correct.</p>

<p>If they covered it in grants, then that would amount to free health insurance for everyone on financial aid?</p>

<p>Work study eligibility is plenty generous. Everyone at Cornell is required to have health insurance, regardless of whether it's SHIP or not.</p>