cornell hotel school

<p>How hard is to get into Cornell hotel school?
what's their average sat? average gpa?
which is more important activities or grades?</p>

<p>Please feel free to write your experiences.
thank you</p>

<p>How much industry experience do you have? That will count for more than any EC.</p>

<p>I worked at Mayfield Hotel (in Korea) for 4years as an Intern and had great experiences. I also mentioned this in my interview. Also i have good leaderships and activities to support me as an applicant. My sat is 2060, my act 29, and my gap is 3.75. I really want to get into Cornell hotel school, and its my first choice. Do you think i have a chance to get in? Also I'm international student from Korea so i might have a better chance?</p>

<p>The international pool is generally more competitive.</p>