Cornell (Human Ecology) or Cooper Union (Engineering)

<p>Hey. I wanted to know what you guys will do given this choice. I was all set on going to Cornell, then just got a mail that after being waitlisted to Cooper, I got in. Now I'm not sure which would be a better choice for me. In human ecology, I was planning to go in the pre-med direction, but i heard only 50% actually make it to medical school in Cornell. Cooper is free and I wouldn't mind going into engineering either and am almost guaranteed a job or chance to go to graduate school. Which school do you think would provide me with a more stable and successful future?... or at least which one would you guys chooose?? thanx</p>

<p>50% make it to medical school in cornell?</p>

<p>i believe its 70 to 80% get accepted to med school overall, and 90% get in who have a 3.4 or better gpa</p>

<p>Choose Cooper Union if you are 100% sure you want to do engineering and don't want a college experience.</p>

<p>really? sorry for the wrong info. i thought i read that in cornell's site though hmm.. that's the thing. i was wondering if its worth it to just go to cooper with a free ride and hopefully get a good gpa to go to med school and be able to afford it. or go to cornell and have an awesome time but then having to pay a buttload of money and possible not get into medical school. is cornell worth it?</p>

<p>Engineering is not a great route to med school. You are unlikely to achieve a high GPA. This applies to biomed engineering (which makes a great backup in case you don't get into med school but depresses your GPA nonetheless). I would much rather do HumEC as a way into med school. </p>

<p>If you go to Cooper Union, you should not do premed.</p>

<p>yeh i was thinking that too but with grade deflation at cornell, both dont offer me a high chance heh. but you're definitely right. or maybe i will go for engineering in general? good job opportunities. i'm very indecisive. Thanks alot for your input =]</p>

<p>what if you're not 100% on engineering? The average college student changes majors about 3 times before they graduate. If you're not positive on going through 4 years of engineering, go to Cornell. It'd be easy to change majors and would offer significantly more programs to switch into.</p>

<p>Plus Cornell's engineering is at least as good as Cooper's.</p>

<p>Thats true but that's the engineering college and it's probably not easy for me to switch over from Human Ecology. heh the money is so enticing also. ugh but thnx =] im probably sticking with cornell for now</p>

<p>I think something like 95% of all transfers are honored, afuzzwuzz. To transfer into engineering at Cornell, all you need is the competency. If you got into Cooper, the competency is there. Rest easy, I'd bet my acceptance that you'd have no trouble transferring from Human Eco to Engineering at the drop of a hat.</p>

<p>I'm transferring from Arts and Sciences to Engineering next year--the undergrad advisor I talked to said it wouldn't be hard as long as I keep my grades at a point where I can switch to the major I want (which requires a B- or better in all math and physics classes). That's at the tougher end of the engineering spectrum. So no, it's not that hard.</p>

<p>Our med school stats are waaaay better than 50%. Also, Cornell is well-known, and no med school is going to immediately throw out a Cornell GPA just because it's a little lower than a big state school or grade-inflated school GPA, for example.</p>

<p>I'm sure you'll do great in engineering =] well the choice has sort of been made by my dad. i will be going to cooper. heh. i'll miss Cornell =[ thanks everyone for the advice and help</p>

<p>GL and have a great time!</p>