Cornell ILR Questions

Hi There!

After several years of wanting to apply to Cornell’s College of Arts & Sciences, I’ve recently changed my mind after more closely examining the differences between A&S and the School of Labor and Industrial Relations. I still have some questions about ILR though…

1.) I know ILR’s overall acceptance rate is ~13%. Does anyone have an idea of how much this changes with Early Decision? To my knowledge, this isn’t published anywhere, but I’m wondering if anyone has the “inside scoop.”

2.) Is ILR pro-labor? It was founded to advance labor unions, but I don’t know if it is still a bastion for supporting labor or if it’s evolved into simply studying labor.

3.) Does anyone look down on ILRies for being part of a statutory part of Cornell instead of an endowed section?

4.) I know ILR offers guaranteed transfer to “some” students, where if you’re not quite up to their standard, you can go to another university for a year and move to Cornell your sophomore year, so long as you keep a decent GPA. How common is this?

Any insights you can provide would be helpful. Thanks!