Cornell interaction with Ithaca College

<p>I'm interested in Cornell but I also am looking at neighboring Ithaca College, because of its phenomenal Parks Scholars program (for communications majors, 4 yrs free ride + stipends!). Since I've sort of gathered Ithaca is a bit more sleepy than Austin, Texas (looking at UT), I was wondering if Cornell students interact alot with Ithacans? And is there alot of snobby "we're better than you" attitudes against Ithacans by Cornell students? My boyfriend is also looking at Cornell... not like we'd be staying together but it would be nice if we were close by! We're both Texans and would be a little far from home... I was just wondering if a student or someone who knows alot about the area's politics could help me out. Thanks</p>

<p>I have friends from high school who go to both, and they still hang out (and I'll be hanging out with them in the Fall...I'm a transfer student). They have some shared friends for that. As for just regular interaction...I can't say.</p>

<p>There arent really any interactions between IC and Cornell. Generally there is the attitude that Cornell students are better than IC students. It is basically true, but that does not mean that Ithaca College is not a great school. Cornell is just better. As far as the Parker Scholar program, I would seriously consider it especially if they give you all those perks. But with that said, I love Cornell and would not trade it for anything.</p>

<p>I don't know all that much about interaction since I don't attend the school yet, but I know from talking to a friend of mine who is a freshman at Cornell that kids from the colleges do hang out with each other. When I went to visit him he had told me that the weekend before they had gone over to Ithaca to hang out with some kids and go to some parties there or something. And I've heard that Ithaca kids do go to Cornell frat parties although I couldn't tell you how often.</p>

<p>I'm going to Cornell next year and one of my really good friends is going to Ithaca so I don't see why we wouldn't keep hanging out. The schools are only a few minutes apart so it would probably be great for you and your boyfriend. Cornell is Ivy League and all so I'd imagine some kids have an attitude of being better but I would think on the whole the two colleges get along and the students interact a good deal. I mean I could be completely wrong though, so anyone who goes there feel free to provide some insight.</p>

<p>I don't know (and don't care) about the source of girls at frat parties.</p>

<p>But elsewhere I really don't see Ithaca College students milling around. I see more students with Cal or UCSD t-shirts than Ithaca t-shirts. Just about the only time I see students from Ithaca College is at Pyramid Mall.</p>