Cornell Interview

<p>Hey. Is there anyone who's going to do, or have done the Cornell Interview?</p>

<p>I got a call from one of the graduates asking to meet me. What is this about?</p>

<p>it is for a regular decision interview</p>

<p>Just for the fact, I applied for College of Arts and Science.</p>

<p>SO I guess this interview is not a 'must' thing to do. But I confirmed to </p>

<p>see her this Friday. Generally, what are some of questions they ask ( </p>

<p>either Cornell or other colleges) you? Could this be a critical factor </p>

<p>for deciding my admission?</p>

<p>regular interview questions...they do i believe write a review and send it in to your file so it wouldn't hurt to look professional.</p>

<p>looking for answers too...</p>

<p>its basically not even a factor in the admissions process...just dont screw it up by saying really stupid things</p>

<p>all they do is talk about themselves and their experience, and ask you a few questions like what class you like the most or whatever. then they give you a chance to ask a few questions, and allow you to add anything that you might have forgotten on your application.</p>

<p>dont dress in rags, and you are set</p>

<p>I did my cornell Interview for ED for the college of engineering like last October. the interview is really easy and simple. The admissions board just wants to veryify if the stuff u put on ur application is true and that u have a personality. Just go over ur app before the interview and ur fine.</p>

<p>This</a> link will give you some insight into what the advisor is thinking going into the interview.</p>

<p>Just dress nicely (no need for a suit, but polo and khaki's is appropriate to make a great first impression), be polite, and ask questions about the alumnus's time at cornell. Stuff like, as others have mentioned "what was your favorite class," "what did you do for fun," "do you know if the hockey games are really as exciting as people say they are," etc.</p>