Cornell Near Eastern Studies Program

<p>Was wondering if the near eastern studies program at cornell is difficult to get into and whether it is a popular major?</p>


<p>Near Eastern Studies will never be as popular at any school as let's say Psychology or English. But it is done well here, and they have an awesome cuneiform tablet collection. They also bring in lots of speakers and host dinner discussions every week.</p>

<p>They're also in one of the most beautiful buildings on campus.</p>

<p>The most important thing for an applicant to show is a committed interest in the program.</p>

<p>the cuneiform tablet collection is absolutely, effing, amazing.</p>

<p>I only dreamt about stuff like that in High School, and I was able to see it right in front of me, and touch it. So awesome.</p>

<p>And I'm not even close to a near-eastern studies major.</p>

<p>is it a hard program to get into???</p>

<p>Well, at Cornell, you get into the college, and not necessarily the program (or at least that's what admissions say). So your question would be then, is Arts and Sciences hard to get into? And that would depend on you. But once you're in Cornell, there's no barring you from any major.</p>

<p>Generally speaking, though, Arts and Sciences does try to accept students with different academic interests. So you wouldn't be directly compared to say, all of the biology majors or physics/math majors. But you would be compared to the crowd of students who have indicated an interest in international relations and area studies.</p>