Cornell, NYU Stern, or Berkeley?

<p>Hi, can you please help me decide?..I have visited all three:</p>

<p>I want to do finance/economics..</p>

<p>Cornell- great school..Ivy prestige..will do economics there, concerned about job prospects though in the business field because economics does not seem as strong here...hard work here maybe for nothing</p>

<p>NYU Stern- I liked NYC and the school is good, not exactly sure 100% finance and business are for me, might (10% chance) want to do corporate law..this is the fast track for business, so its really good, however, if I don't like business for some reason there is no other option</p>

<p>Berkeley- from CA so its instate, very good school, but crowded, heard about how hard it is to get classes, business program is pretty difficult to get into..if I don't get into the business program, concerned about job prospects with economics major</p>


<p>Cornell is part a club that once a member always a member and a gauntlet because it is tough to make the club. I loved Cornell but you might find it somewhat isolated (that can be good) both Ithaca and NYC have something called winter that is unlike anything we experience in California (it does get dark early) Take your tough classes in the fall because when the spring weather arrives and everyone is outside on the lawn, entering the library can be like going through a gravity force field, but in December you will be running and sliding to get indoors.</p>



<p>tough call, since all are so different. Have you visited NYU and gotten a feel for the 'campus'? How about Ithaca? Haas is a great undergrad B school, but difficult to get into. (hint: ace accounting 1&2)</p>