Cornell Off-the-Record

<p>you new pre-frosh should check out <a href=""&gt;;/a>, it's a blog that has a lot of funny stories and stuff about things that happen around campus. there are also satirical stuff such as the one posted below which is very true:</p>

<p>"College is like an older, more bitter, version of Mean Girls. So consider this a helpful tip from a rising senior who has lived on North Campus for three years. Freshman Girls, purchase your Ugg boots, baby blue north face fleeces, and stretch pants before the winter starts and cash in on some great summer savings. These will be required purchases for every freshman writing seminar, but will not be available at the school store. Are you not from the North East (specifically NY?) Well … What can I say … Get ready for culture shock. Or live in Risley."</p>

<p>I found that through ivygate; it's surprisingly well-written. I like "cul-de-zack" the most.</p>

<p>Hahahahaha. "Daily Sun's Advice to Freshmen: "Uh, I mean, Whatever""</p>