Cornell or RPI

<p>Hi i got accepted to Cornell and RPI and im having trouble deciding where to go. I got a half scholarship to RPI. Where do you think I should go and please have appropriate reasons.</p>

<p>Which major? I am not too familiar with RPI, but what are the other financial aid benefits? As a rule, Ivy and Ivy caliber colleges have more money to give based on need aid, as well as financial benefits along the way. (Possibly your finances may change?) For instance, Cornell is an undergraduate focused research univesrity, which means you can easily get your foot in the door for paid research, etc. Furthermore, I know of people who, because of Cornell's low number of grad students, were able to get TA positions their senior year. </p>

<p>Just something to chew on.</p>

<p>I want to do bioengineering( i kno cornell doesnt have it ) or chemical</p>

<p>You only have a few days to decide... don't forget that deposit.</p>

<p>Hi Imback,</p>

<p>I was also accepted to RPI and got quite a lucrative financial aid package (much better than Cornell) Also, my dad graduated from RPI.
I chose Cornell because their engineering program is outstanding and I loved the atmosphere. RPI seemed dreary.
It really is a personal decision. Both schools have excellent programs but it's where you feel most comfortable.
Only a few more days to make that choice. Good luck!</p>

<p>I received the RPI medal, which may be what you're talking about. I chose Cornell over RPI. If you look at just the engineering departments, they may be similar, or at least worthy of comparison. Then add the extras that Cornell offers, like an amazing array of outside classes to choose from, ivy league reputation, great campus, females, and it was a no-brainer for me. Cornell is also twice as far from my home as RPI is, but I'm very happy with my choice.</p>

<p>stellarknight and tugger, you guys seem very confident in your desicisons. Do you guys have any trouble paying for cornell and Stellarknight, how did your dad turn out after he graduated from RPI?
thanks for your help so far</p>

<p>I'm fortunate because my parents are footing the bill. Cornell is expensive, which is a drawback. I do feel, though, that in the long run, a Cornell degree will pay back more than the difference.</p>

<p>Good luck with your decision.</p>