Cornell ORIE

<p>Can anyone explain what kinds of grad programs/careers ORIE people go into? Do a lot of them pursue an MBA track?</p>

<p>Also are any of them premed? I looked at postgrad surveys for cornell students and not one of last years class (the people who answered the survey) went on to a med school. Very few of them went on to business school. Most got jobs, but I'm not sure how accurate the survey resembles what actually happens. </p>

<p>Also can anyone shed any light on the difficulty of ORIE in comparison to economics. What is the advantage of ORIE if you are going to business school? What are the advantages of an economics major? . I understand that ORIE deals with allocation of resources, optimization, efficiency and that makes me think that ORIE students would go on to consulting. </p>

<p>I'd love to hear Cornell ORIE students chime in! (and anyone else with info)</p>


<p>ORIE is a pretty solid major. It's harder than ECON but easier than most other engineering majors. Banking and consulting companies recruit decent numbers of graduates from ORIE each year. Check this website.
Cornell</a> Engineering: Post Graduate Reports</p>